What Is IP Spoofing & Its Types?

What Is IP Spoofing & Its Types

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What Is IP Spoofing 

IP spoofing is the crafting of Internet Protocol (IP) packets with a source IP address that has been modified to impersonate another computer the system, or to hide the identity of the sender, or both.
All IP packets contain a header that precedes the body of the packet and contains important routing information, including the source address. In a normal packet, the source IP address is the address of the sender of the packet. If the packet has been spoofed, the source address will be forged.

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Types of attacks implemented through the IP spoofing

The IP spoofing can further cause various attacks. These attacks can be caused by IP spoofing.

Blind Spoofing

In this type of attack, the attacker transmits multiple packets to his intended target to receive a series of numbers which are generally used to assemble packets in the order in which they intended to read the packets. ie, in the order of packet 1 to be read first, then packet 2, and then packet 3.

Non-Blind Spoofing

In this type of attack, the cracker resides on the same subnet as his intended target so that he is aware of the sequence of the packets. Thus the attack is called non-blind spoofing.


When two machines are communicating with each other, the attacker intercepts the packets sent by the systems and alter the packets with the sending and receiving machines unaware their communication has tampered with.

How IP spoofing works?

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How Spoofing Work

In IP spoofing, a hacker uses tools to modify the source address in the packet header to make the receiving computer system think the packet is from a trusted source.

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In a DoS attack, hackers use spoofed IP addresses to overwhelm computer servers with packets of data, shutting them down. IP spoofing is commonly used in DDoS attacks, when hackers use spoofed IP addresses to overwhelm computer servers with volumes of packets large enough to cause them to become unusable by legitimate users. Often, spoofed IP packets are sent by botnets that are dispersed geographically. 

The most common forms of IP spoofing are:

  • DNS server spoofing – Modifies a DNS server to redirect a domain name to a different IP address. It’s typically used to spread viruses.
  • ARP spoofing – Links a perpetrator’s MAC address to a legitimate IP address through spoofed ARP messages. It’s typically used in denial of service (DoS) and man-in-the-middle assaults.
  • IP address spoofing – Disguises an attacker’s origin IP. It’s typically used in DoS assaults.

How to prevent IP spoofing?

Organizations can take measures to stop spoofed packets from infiltrating their networks, including:
  • Monitoring networks for a typical activity.
  • Deploying packet filtering systems capable of detecting inconsistencies, such as outgoing packets with source IP addresses that don't match those on the company's network.
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  • Authenticating IP addresses of inbound IP packets.
  • Using a network attack blocker.

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